Instant, Effortless Curls

Sutra Styling Wand

You’ve heard it before: “I wish my hair looked like this every day!” or “I wish I could curl my hair like you!” Well, it’s easier to help your clients get salon hair at home than you might think! The Sutra Styling Iron is one of the most innovative irons on the market right now, and it’s specially designed to make curling a breeze. So it can turn any hair novice into a styling pro! It’s definitely a tool you want to have on your retail shelves. So let’s take a look at what sets this iron apart and tips for recommending it to your clients!

Wait, no handle to squeeze?

The Sutra Styling Iron might look a little different from the styling tools you’re used to. One of the first things you’ll probably notice is that there’s no handle or clamp that you have to operate. It’s very similar to curling with a flat iron but without having to worry about squeezing a handle. So you don’t have to worry about applying too much or too little pressure. And that makes styling easier and faster for your clients at home.

On top of that, the Styling Iron has curved edges and automatic shut off. So your clients don’t have to worry about accidental curl creases or leaving their iron on as they’re rushing out the door.

How to Use:

1. Place a small section of hair between plates
2. Rotate the iron 180 degrees
3. Slide the section of hair through the plates while maintaining tension

Sutra Styling Wand How To

Let your clients try it out!

So you’ve mastered the Sutra Styling Iron and you’ve got the technique down. Now it’s time to show your clients! After curling a couple of sections for them while they’re in the chair, let them try it out themselves! Walk them through how to style and put the iron in their hands. It’ll give them a chance to get comfortable with using it. And once they see how simple it is, they’re more likely to buy one before they leave the salon.

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