The Juvexin Difference

Summer heat is on its way, and as the seasons change, so should your hair care. And if you’re looking to try a ground-breaking brand that will keep your clients’ hair healthy this season, look no further than GK Hair! They’ve been revolutionizing the hair care industry with their signature ingredient. So let’s dive in and discover how you can expand your services and revenue with this modern line!


The secret to GK Hair’s incredible performance is their hair care technology. After years of research, GKHair discovered an anti-aging protein called Juvexin, and it has some stellar benefits:

  • Restores and regenerates hair cells
  • Keeps hair youthful and healthy
  • Prevents future damage
  • Eliminates frizz

No wonder Juvexin is formulated into every GKHair product! It’s one of the biggest developments in hair care within the last 50 years. And GK Hair is the only company to harness its beauty benefits.

The best part, though? Juvexin is derived from sheep’s wool and developed through an environmentally friendly process. Backed by science AND full of heart!


GK Hair doesn’t stop at just Juvexin. They regularly invest in research so that their products are always top of the line! There’s always something new to discover, and GK Hair wants to deliver new, innovative products to meet every client’s needs. So whether you’re providing a smoothing treatment or add-on service, your results will be stunning every time!


When your clients walk out of the salon with a fresh, new look, you know that they’re ready to take on the world. GK Hair believes hair care is the key to confidence, and each of us has a unique beauty to share with the world. So rather than trying to change people, GK Hair gives you the tools you need to help your clients embrace their beauty and be themselves!

So if you’re looking for the latest in hair care, we got you covered! Right now you can get exclusive offers on GK Hair’s smoothing products! Through June 2021 you can save up to $25 on select GK Hair deals! Contact your rep or shop online here! You can also text or call Customer Service at 417-326-3671.

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