The Luxury of Beautiful Hair

Keratin can work wonders for hair, and smoothing services are a great way to earn some extra income! And with summer humidity just around the corner, now is the time to invest in keratin treatments and retail for your salon. And what better place to start than with one of the top global brands – Keratherapy! So let’s dive into how it can take your salon services to the next level!


We’re all pretty familiar with all the amazing benefits keratin delivers to your hair:

  • Smoothes hair
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Increases shine
  • Builds stronger hair

But Keratherapy takes keratin to the next level with their Kerabond Technology. This technology refines pure keratin and delivers it further into the hair shaft. Even the most damaged parts of the hair are reached. So by the time your client leaves the salon, they’ve got stronger, healthier hair!


Keratin isn’t just for clients looking to smooth out their locks. Keratherapy has a variety of hair care collections to deliver gorgeous hair for every type! And each product is uniquely formulated with the Kerabond Technology to bond with the amino acids and nutrients within the formula. So your clients can get a keratin hair care routine tailored to their hair!


When your clients walk out of the salon, you’ll want to make sure your hard work is going to pay off. So send them home with some Keratherapy goodies! Their aftercare products will ensure your clients’ hair stays smooth, healthy, and manageable for months at a time. No worries about summer humidity!

Right now we’re offering a discount on a Try-Me Kit and on Smoothing Treatment Kits!. Contact your rep or Customer Service at 417-326-3671 to order. The sale ends May 31, so get on it while supply lasts!

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